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This mirror box is designed for both floor and sitting positions for Mirror Box Therapy.

Use under the guidance of a physical therapist. Designed by a Physical Therapist.

US Patent 9320939

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Physical Therapy Devices

At DeLegge Medical Design, we are happy to provide our clients with quality products that assist those who need desperate medical attention. When it comes to physical therapy, we know that recovery can be hard, but it is ultimately essential. That is why DeLegge Medical Design offers physical therapy products for sale. Our physical therapy devices are made with careful consideration and detail to ensure a quick and healthy recovery. No matter what the situation is, our products can help cut time out of the healing process. 


Want to know more about DeLegge Medical Design’s physical therapy products for sale? We are happy to answer any questions you may

have. Whether you need one of our physical therapy devices for yourself or for your professional facility, we are here to help. 

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