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We have longstanding relationships with corporate leaders that have formed over the past 20 years of device design. Many have licensed our technologies or sought our help with their product design. As our corporate partners have become increasingly busy managing regulatory and design control efforts, in-house innovation has suffered. We have stepped in to fill this innovation gap.

We can move a project along through feasibility and several design iterations to testing so that as in-house resources are freed the project is ready for it's final design iteration and manufacturing. We have also partnered with companies to fully outsource a project from design through regulatory filing and manufacturing.

Over the last three decades, DeLegge Medical Design has become a reputable company that provides thorough medical device consulting services for new medical device projects. We have made a name for ourselves as a firm that is passionate about the future of medicine. That is why we continue to do everything we can to ensure we provide only the best products for a helpful and effective learning experience. Whatever medical device designs your corporation or learning facility need, DeLegge Medical Design’s medical device consulting services can help you fulfill your medical or veterinary requirements. 

We provide the following medical device consulting services:

·        Concept development from a clinical need to functioning prototype

·        Next generation devices

·        Medical device failure analysis

·        Bench top testing

·        Animal implantation in an in-vivo or ex-vivo model


All intellectual property developed by the engineers at DeLegge Medical during a project is owned by your company! 

Are you looking to create an innovative medical device? Our medical device design and medical device consulting services can help. To get started, please email Becky ( or Lauren ( 

Medical Device Design

DeLegge Medical Device Consulting Services

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