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DeLegge Medical Design’s custom synthetic medical anatomy models are perfect for your company to showcase a product line. The medical 3D models mimic real tissue and can allow procedures to be performed, such as ablation, resection, clipping, banding, cutting, snaring, stenting, and other procedural applications. These medical anatomy models have a very life-like appearance and procedural feel. 


We specialize in:


  • Endoscopic Models: Digestive organs from esophagus to Colon.

  • Head/Brain models

  • Heart/Vascular Models

  • Biliary/Pancreatic Models

  • Lung Models

  • Pelvic/Gyn Models

  • Bladder/Ureter/Kidney Models

  • Vaginal/Uterus Models

  • Intra-abdominal Models

  • Intra-thoracic cavity Models

  • Veterinary Models 

  • Pocket size Models: Small hand held synthetic tissue devices to serve as therapeutic trainers and leave behinds for the physician 

  • Specific Procedure based Models

DeLegge Medical Design will customize your medical 3D model to be exactly what you want. The models are easy to clean for multiple uses. We will fit the model in a stylish case with your company’s logo, which makes it easy to ship and transport to conferences.

Our synthetic models have been used for marketing, training, and product development/testing.  Demonstrate its differentiating features as compared to competitor devices. Help to ensure that physicians are well-trained before they use the device on a patient.

Whatever the case, DeLegge Medical Design can provide realistic synthetic medical 3D models for your organization. If you would like to discuss developing custom medical anatomy models, please email Becky ( or Lauren ( We hope to hear from you soon. 

”The models from DeLegge Medical are amazingly realistic from an endoscopic perspective the colors were very human. Working with DeLegge Medical on models to fit our needs has been a pleasant experience with the models arriving in a timely manner.” –Training Manager, Endoscopy

Custom Models for Education

DeLegge Custom Medical Models for Education

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